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Featured Entrepreneur Of The Month


Scott Carver-Chair Caning Services

   Scott lived in downtown Houston, and worked for a workshop for a couple of years. There, he prepared envelopes for a mailing company.


How it started

In the 1980s, Scott began working in a caning workshop where he started doing chair weaving.  In 2009, Scott moved north of Houston to Kingwood, Texas.  After a couple of years, a friend asked him to weave two porch chairs.  When doing this, Scott knew that he could take his talent of chair weaving and turn it into his own business.

Scott Carver Business

Scott is proud to own his own business and is thrilled to be able to provide for himself and be financially stable. Chair weaving has become a passion for Scott. Knowing his work will make the customer happy,  Scott enjoys and loves what he does.

Where to reach Scott Carver

Scott’s company is working to create a social media, but for all business inquires, you can reach Scott Carver at

The Village Center

Scott Carver has been attending the training programs at the Village Center.

The Village Center strives to create the support and services needed to affect positive change in the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities, their families, and our local community, so that these individuals may reach their maximum potential and level of independence.

Our newly designed programs are designed to help Villagers maintain and expand social and life skills, personal wellness, pre-vocational and vocational skills, and critical thinking skills, while becoming more involved in our community.

These programs are designed to give participants the opportunity to socialize, learn essential skills, maintain and improve fundamentals in math and reading (practical math and reading skills for daily living), work and volunteer in our local community, and enrich daily living experiences.

Activities offered are designed to be innovative, enriching, and to promote opportunities for inclusion and the development of life skills through a safe, highly structured schedule of activities.

The Village also offers Residential options and a number of services benefiting individuals with developmental disabilities, including transportation, respite, and after-school care.

For information about The Village Center, please email Laura Rhodes at