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Justin Moehn - Advocate for Autism

In today’s world young adults with Autism are finding a difficult time in accessing resources like employment, housing, education, and support in the Community.  Justin Moehn knows exactly how that feels, being that his journey with Autism began at an early age.   Justin realized the limited number of resources that were available to the community regarding Autism.  As a former registered behavioral technician, Archivist/Administrative Assistant, and Fort Bend County Library Clerk, Justin realized his passion.  He decided to further his education by attending conferences, meeting, workshops, and other educational events that would enhance his knowledge and advocacy to assist others with Autism.

Now, as a valued team member of the BlueSprig Community, Justin has been able to advocate, educate and mentor children.  However, his goals are to educate the medical community, first responders, parents, school districts, non-profits, and businesses about Autism.

Justin has become a well-known advocate for Autism as he educates the community.   Justin is available to come and share his story with you and your organization.  Please contact him by email:

Justin Moehn

Public Speaking for National Exchange Club in 2014


  • Studied computer science at Wharton County Community College (Grad. 2019)
  • Stephen F. Austin High school (Grad. 2001)
justin moehn speaking


  • Clinical Support Administrator at BlueSprig Dec, 2019 – Present
  • Former Registered Behavior Technician at BlueSprig
  • Former Archivist/Administrative Assistant at Spectrum Fushion
  • Former Clerk (position) at Fort Bend County Libraries

Justin speaks with BlueSprig

Interview with Justin from Hope For Three Autism Advocates

Justin and Debra

Solomon's Porch Light

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