Resilience and Entrepreneurial Intentions of People with Disabilities

Background: There is a significant gap in employment between people with and without disabilities, despite the importance of work in achieving their independence, autonomy, and integration into society. There are several reasons that cause this gap to exist, such as: people with disabilities feel less prepared, there is a stigma or discrimination to hire people with disabilities and the incompatibility of schedules due to medical issues, among others. That is why entrepreneurship emerges as a good option for the integration of people with disabilities in our society, improves their confidence and promotes some of the Sustainable Development Goals set out in the 2030 Agenda. According to existing literature, people with disabilities have certain virtues such as resilience and motivation that favor entrepreneurship. Thus, the purpose of this study is to provide new insights into the variables that determine the entrepreneurial intention of people with disabilities.

Methods: In order to respond to this objective, an online questionnaire was given to people with disabilities between the ages of 16 and 65 years, residing in diverse regions of Spain. To analyze the results, this study uses Partial Least Squares-Structural Equation Modeling (PLS-SEM) in a sample of 235 people with disabilities in Spain using as a framework Krueger´s improved model, adding resilience as a new variable.

Results: The results reflect the importance of resilience, the subjective norm, and perceived collective efficacy in the entrepreneurial processes of people with disabilities.

Conclusions: This study contributes to the underdeveloped literature on entrepreneurship in people with disabilities; it provides insights that can have a practical effect on the reduction of the inequality gap between people with and without disabilities making recommendations to clinicians, vocational psychologists, and policymakers; also, this study would advance the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals 8 and 10.

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Guest Article by Crystal Goodwin
TCDD Public Health & Disability Integration Specialist

In Texas, June 1 marked the beginning of the hurricane season, which continues until Nov. 30. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) predicts there will be 17-25 named hurricanes this year, including four to seven that are rated Category 3 or higher. Texas will see a 54% chance of a hurricane this year, and a 25% chance for a hurricane rated Category 3 or higher, according to NOAA.  

A named hurricane maintains wind speeds of at least 39 miles per hour. Category 3 hurricanes maintain wind speeds of at least 111 miles per hour. Weather experts consider hurricanes rated Category 3 and higher to be major storms.

Personal preparedness is the first line of defense for both hurricane season and other disasters that might occur across the state. Always make sure to follow basic preparedness guidelines such as keeping extra food, water, and medication. You can find more information on the Texas Ready Disaster Supply Checklist.

People with disabilities often need to take extra steps to prepare for a disaster. To help, here are five things to consider during hurricane season and for other disaster preparedness.

Understand Your Rights
Know that even during evacuation and disaster sheltering, you still have the right to disability accommodations. You can ask for reasonable modifications to any policy or practice. If the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) fails to accommodate your disability, you can contact FEMA’s Office of Equal Rights at 1-202-212-3535 or visit the FEMA website.

Sign Up for Local Emergency Alerts
You can often find where to sign up on your county’s website. You can also sign up for alternatively formatted emergency alerts that are accessible to you and your family.

Find Your Local Assistance Program
Before a disaster strikes, check with local government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and people in your community to find out about assistance programs. Many areas have their own disaster assistance programs that might be able to provide help faster than federal programs, which might have longer wait times.

Customize Your Emergency Kit
Consider adding additional items to your emergency kit in case of evacuation. Think about adding things such as noise-canceling headphones, sensory items, comfort snacks, or communication cards.

Prepare Power-Dependent Equipment
If you have power-dependent medical equipment, talk with your health care provider about ways to keep your equipment running without power. You might also want to ask your power provider if you can be placed on a power priority list for power restoration. Find more information from the Texas Governor’s Committee on People with Disabilities.

To learn more about emergency preparedness and find tools to create your own crisis-response plan, check out our Emergency Preparedness resources.

Entrepreneur Spotlighting : Dawn Kubisz

Dawn Kubisz, a Pasadena resident, always dreamed of having her own animal shelter. Although in college she studied Early Childhood Development, Dawn’s passion was always taking care of animals. Dawn volunteered for five years at Pasadena Rescue Center to learn the business of running a shelter. Her duties included interviewing, screening prospective adoptive applicants, evaluating animals, socializing, and training “problem animals,” planning fundraisers and completing clerical work. She took her work very seriously in order to accomplish her dream of having her own shelter. In 2009, Dawn opened the doors to her shelter, A NEW DAWN ANIMAL RESCUE CENTER.

Her Mission is to help give animals a “homey environment” and create a center for the animals to transition easier to their adopted homes. Dawn began with small animals with 15 cats and 20 dogs, screening each animal on an individual basis. To date, she has placed over 2,000 dogs and cats into loving homes and has became a well known business in the Deer Park and Pasadena areas. She has also assisted other overcrowded shelter in taking some of their smaller cats and dogs and has placed them in loving homes. If this does not tell you enough about this fantastic woman and her accomplishments, the following will blow your mind. Dawn has cerebral palsy, which has affected her speech and walking capabilities. None of this has stood in the way of her achieving her dream. Dawn takes care of the shelter animals, drives her car, and she even designed the website for her business. Nothing gets her down when it comes to the shelter. Dawn is persistent, confident, courageous, and passionate about the Mission of the Center.

She interviews and hires her volunteers and makes sure they have the same passion for animals that she has. Students in veterinary studies or related fields come to Dawn for their internship program. Dawn is truly a person that deserves the terms “SUPER WOMAN” and “HERO”


Sending Your Child to Camp

Summer camp can be a lot of fun. During the games, songs, and group activities, children learn new skills. Children can solve problems, practice being social with their peers, and build their confidence.

Want more information or sign-up for upcoming events? Click Here


Texas Parent to Parent (TxP2P) is committed to improving the lives of Texas children and adults with disabilities, chronic and mental health conditions and other health care needs. TxP2P empowers families to be strong advocates through parent-to-parent support, resource referral, and education

Partners Resource Network (PRN) is a non-profit agency that operates the Texas statewide network of Parent Training and Information (PTIs) Centers serving parents of children and youth with disabilities ages of 0-26 as well as youth self-advocates ages 14-26. PTIs are funded by the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP).

Family to Family strives to provide programs that empower families of children & youth with disabilities as they navigate the complex special education, health care and disabilities services systems.

Family to Family Network helps individuals with disabilities and their family members define and achieve success for themselves and their loved ones. Through guidance and training of parents and young adults, we transform lives by helping them discover possibilities, see the potential and advocate for what they need to achieve their dreams. Our organization helps families to see potential where others see barriers. By changing attitudes and mindsets about disabilities, our organization changes lives to make sure every individual gets to live THEIR best life.

To promote wellness, enriching the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families.

1) Providing community outreach, education, and awareness on behalf of the disability community to families, schools, businesses, adult services organizations, and other community organizations;

2) Participating in national, state, and local legislative and systems advocacy to ensure that children with disabilities have access to a free, appropriate education in the least restrictive environment; and that adults with disabilities have access to community-based, integrated employment and supports;

3) Supporting the structure and cohesion of families who have members with intellectual and developmental disabilities; and

4) Providing life-enhancing integrated activities and experiences for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

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