Ship black are former postmasters, logistics, and supply chain specialists with a passion to help start-up businesses. We realized that our clients, mostly entrepreneurs from underserved and underrepresented communities, lacked knowledge of how postage and e-commerce affect their bottom line.
That’s why we encourage everyone to Ship Black:
Businesses Learning And Collaborating for Knowledge.

Meet The Founder: Tiffany Townsend

Tiffany Townsend is a results-driven professional with a diverse background in postal operations, store management, and logistics. With over two decades of experience in the United States Postal Service, she excelled in various roles, culminating in her tenure as a Postmaster, where she showcased her exceptional leadership and problem-solving abilities. As a Postal Store owner, Tiffany demonstrated her entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen, successfully managing all aspects of daily operations while delivering outstanding customer service.

Currently, as the Founder and CEO of Ship Black LLC, Tiffany combines her passion for logistics and commitment to community engagement. Through Ship Black, she operates a full-service warehouse and serves as a third-party logistics provider, supporting small to mid-sized e-commerce businesses. Tiffany’s dedication to empowering underserved communities is evident through the establishment of Ship Black University and her involvement in training programs for young adults. Additionally, she founded Pack n Pour, a non-profit organization focused on training young adults on the Autism spectrum in logistics skills. She services on the FBISD Adult Transition Business and Community Committee. Making sure businesses understand the value of hiring young adults on the spectrum is something she is very passionate about.  Tiffany’s son was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 2yrs old. He is now 27 with a full time job and drivers licence. She wants the same for all young adults on the Spectrum. 

Tiffany’s career is marked by her ability to drive business growth, provide strategic solutions, and foster meaningful partnerships. Her strong leadership, customer focus, and expertise in logistics make her a valuable asset in any organization.

You can help Tiffany by allowing her team to assist in all of your packing and shipping needs. This allows her to train and hire more young adults on the spectrum .