Uvalde Luncheon

On November 12, 2022, Solomon’s Porch Light held its first mission ministry event in Uvalde, Texas.  The purpose was to pay tribute to the children and the two teachers whose lives were lost in the unimaginable tragedy of May 24, 2022.  SPL provided a morning brunch and prayed with the families as they shared stories about their loved ones.  A team of 10 individuals from Humble, New Caney, Porter, Pearland, Houston, and other surrounding areas were there to welcome them.  Our mission was simple:

  • To support the families in prayer, music and hope for the future.
  • To present gifts from our communities in remembrance of those lost.
  • To offer the families dedicated time to speak about their loved ones in privacy.
  • To show the families that SPL was there to offer support in any way we could.

The parents and families who attended were strong, courageous, and honest about their experience.  They shared their tears, memories, stories, dreams, and every detail about their children which was engrained in their minds.  When they spoke about their sons or daughters they smiled and showed how proud they were of them.  They shared their goodness, the love, accomplishments, and the dreams these teachers and children had.  The parents and family members all agreed, they needed strength, privacy, and time to grieve, heal and move on.

For those of us that were there that day, the time we spent with them was humbling and inspiring.  In respect to the families, their names are not mentioned here and are simply known as loving families.  They did grant SPL permission to share the following photos of that day.  It is our honor to share those with you.

Our Lord God is always in control.  Life is precious to all of us.  Cherish every moment.