Grandma Gladys

Kayla Ausbie was born in 2001 in Paris, Texas.  At the age of two, Kayla and her siblings went to live with her grandmother, Mrs. Mattie Holland.  It was as a young child that her grandmother Mattie noticed Kayla was very active, highly energetic, and always moving.   She also knew that Kayla was having a difficult time paying attention both at home and at school.  Grandma Mattie observed that Kayla had difficulty not only paying attention, but also with sitting still, and focusing on what she was doing.  Soon after, Kayla was diagnosed with Learning Disabilities, Autism, and ADHD.   Her grandmother was fully supportive of Kayla with anything she needed both in and out of school.  In 2020 Kayla graduated from high school and the question arose, “so now what”?  Grandmother Mattie wondered how she could help Kayla prepare for her future.  After graduation, Kayla attended an 18+ program in Humble, TX but she only lasted two semesters and she wanted out.  Kayla wanted to work and start making money for the family.  She worked at a handful of part time jobs, but she wasn’t doing anything that she really enjoyed.  

Kayla’s roots have always been in the country. She loves going to church, the outdoors, fishing, playing basketball, and good old fashioned country cooking.  As a little girl, Grandmother Mattie taught her the value of family, the value of being productive, the value of kindness, the value of earning a living, and the value of giving back.

One thing Kayla had always enjoyed was working with her grandmother Mattie, making a family recipe for a hair product. It would keep her busy and she had so much fun.  As a little girl, Kayla remembers her grandmother teaching her what ingredients to mix in the big pot.  Kayla also had sensory issues and she remembers the gooey gel on her hands and in between her fingers and playing beauty shop with her brother and sister and how they let her rub it in their hair.  As she got older, Kayla learned to mix the ingredients, and prepare the hair gel to put into jars for sale.  She also learned how to apply the product to her hair, wash, and style her own hair. Those special moments were awesome times and she had so much fun with her family and still loves spending time with them.  Kayla was happy when she was working making the hair product and making money.  As an avid user of the homemade gel, Kayla decided she was going to be the spokesperson for this wonderful family hair product.  She would make it, improve it, package it, and sell it. 

Brief History of Kayla's Family

Gladys Faye Ausbie was born in the 1900’s and she lived to be 103.  She was Texas born in a city named Roxton.  Imagine living in the 1900’s in this small town and trying to survive as a young mother of nine children.  She not only survived but her legend as Grandma Gladys is still talked about in the Ausbie family.   Mrs. Gladys taught herself to cook, clean, care for children and bring in money to help her husband manage the household.  She was a self-taught artist, a seamstress making her children’s clothes and she learned and loved to style hair.  While she was styling hair, she started making her products for hair styling.   In those days people bought from each other and bartered for what they needed.  She experimented with natural herbs which she grew to produce her hair product.   Grandma Gladys wanted the product to be good and gentle on people’s scalp.  It needed to smell good and allow hair to look good.   She started using the product on her children and family.  Not only did their hair grow fast, but she noticed how shiny, smooth, and easy to manage their hair was.  She worked on her product until she was happy with the natural ingredients she used.  She would mix it all together until she got it just right for her final creation. People began to notice her children’s hair and she would give inquiring people her sales pitch on how healthy and easy it was to manage hair.   Mrs. Gladys also made sure her daughters all learned the trade of making the product and selling it in cute mason jars with a bow.  Business started to boom.  In those days, being a great female beautician with very little means to advertise a good product was not easy.   Despite some obstacles, Grandma Gladys became a household name in Roxton, Texas.  

All though all her daughters learned to make the hair product, only one kept Mrs. Gladys Faye legacy going.  Her daughter, Mrs. Mattie Holland, continued her mom’s tradition and passion. 

The Legacy Will Continue with Kayla Ausbie

In 2020, Kayla began to sell her hair product from her home to her friends, neighbors, family, and anyone else that wanted to try it.  She then began going to tradeshows, fairs, and is currently working on a website to further promote the product.   Kayla will continue to improve the hair gel and take it to the next level.  Her great- Grandma Gladys, who handed down the original recipe to her own children, including Mattie Holland, would be proud of Kayla as she continues the Legacy of this awesome hair product.     

Grandma Gladys’ Hair Product sells for $10.00 per jar.  

You can reach Kayla Ausbie if you have any questions or if you wish to buy a jar 

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