Here at Solomon’s Porch, we want to encourage and help those with disabilities to achieve their goals! These are a couple of our entrepreneurs that have started their own companies and started their path to success!! View their sites and stories!

BILLY Footwear, is the brainchild of Darin Donaldson and Billy Price who are focused on making shoes for  appeal and works for everyone.

Grant uses thousands of cut or torn pieces of recycled materials (wallpaper, magazines, calendars, posters, puzzles and more) to create award-winning art pieces.

Dawn Kubisz, a Pasadena resident, always dreamed of having her own animal shelter. A New Dawn was formed to 2009 give help the overcrowding of dogs and cats in city’s shelters.

Kayla began to sell her hair product from her home to her friends, neighbors, family, and anyone else that wanted to try it.  She then began going to tradeshows, fairs, and is currently working on a website to further promote the product

Mario Diaz has always had a passion about discovering the universe. His dream is to become an astronaut. Be sure to subscribe to Mario’s YouTube channel LegoSonicFan17!!

Mason Timmers is a very talented young man who loves to draw. He has been drawing and painting since a very young age. Mason has had to overcome many challenges due to his diagnosis of ASD.

Ship black are former postmasters, logistics, and supply chain specialists with a passion to help start-up businesses. As the Founder and CEO of Ship Black LLC, Tiffany Townsend combines her passion for logistics and commitment to community engagement.

The Geezer Squad are a group of retired men serving those in need in Montgomery County. Sponsored by The Woodlands Methodist Church and other local organizations.

Just want to thank all the lovely individuals part of the Threads of Healing Quilting Ministry oat St. Luke’s The Evangelist Catholic Church! They help bring joy and healing to families all over Texas!