James Parker

Shredding On The Go

For the past 12 years I have been working with parents of children and adults with disabilities. In 2017 Solomon’s Porch Light, a non-profit organization, was established to assist individuals with disabilities find employment after graduating from high school.

My team and I discovered there was a need to establish employment for individuals who were considered unemployable or could not further their education. We discovered that individuals with disabilities have a passion to be creative, innovative, and most importantly they want to be self-sufficient and contribute to their communities.

Solomon’s Porch Light provides resources and training to help them reach their goals.

This month’s entrepreneur is James Parker.  His business, Shredding On The Go, a small business in Houston, Texas has become well known in the Houston community. His hard work and passion in becoming a successful businessperson has inspired many individuals in owning their own business. Visit his website at www.shreddingonthego.com to learn more about his story and his services.

The Beginning

Shredding on the Go is unique. In 2010—with the help of friends and family—James Parker started a shredding business. Though James has intellectual and physical disabilities, he brings a passion for shredding, contagious smile and readiness for work that make him a natural entrepreneur. SOTG has grown into a nationally recognized disability-owned shredding company. Today, the business employs 15 team members—all of which have disabilities—each bringing their own unique gifts and unwavering determination to the business. For many of them, this is their first chance to earn a paycheck.

Reasons why you need a professional shredding service

Your documents must be securely stored and properly disposed of in order to protect you and your customers. Here are five reasons to use an outside professional shredding service to satisfy your document destruction needs.

1. To Comply with Legal Requirements

All businesses are required to use reasonable security measures to protect the personal information of their employees.  A professional shredding service will take custody of documents containing this information, guarantee their security, and provide you with a certificate showing when the documents were destroyed.

2. To Better Protect Employee & Customer Information

When you do your shredding in-house, your employees who shred have access to the personal information of other employees and customers.  Using an outside professional service prevents the misuse of information by insiders with knowledge.

3. To Guarantee a Convenient and Reliable Document Destruction Process

Professional shredding companies provide their customers with lockable bins where documents can be safely placed and stored.  Then, at a mutually convenient time the shredding service can empty the bins and take control of the documents for shredding.

For more information on why you should be shredding our paper and documents, please visit the official website of Shredding On The Go