2022 has come and gone and 2023 is moving fast. I want to take this opportunity to thank the many wonderful people, companies, and organizations that have supported Solomon’s Porch Light in promoting new business owners. I especially want to thank the John McNabb Foundation for getting our Mission Ministries started.
I would like to also thank existing business owners for helping with our 2022-2023 mission ministries. SPL has contracted with several business owners in the northeast part of Houston to allow new business owners to mentored.
Here are some highlights on some of our clients that are making a difference. We are so proud of the following individuals that have taken their talents to the next level:
Mario Diaz, diagnosed with learning disabilities, transitioned from High School to HCC – VAST Academy to pursue his passion, in Astronomy. He continues to do his U-Tube space videos and builds his Lego ships and space stations. This is Mario’s first semester at HCC -VAST Academy and he has already been accepted in HCC – Central Chapter of The National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS).

Oscar Gauzin, diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy transitioned to the family bakery business to pursue his baking skills. He loves to bake bread and his delicious cupcakes.
Kyla Ausbie, diagnosed with Autism, continues to help her grandmother in the family business in making and promoting their hair products. She also continues to take classes online for computer technology.
Nina Vargas, diagnosed with Autism has graduated from Lone Star College, Atascocita with an associate’s degree in Physical Therapy. Nina has relocated to Chicago, IL and is now working as an intern for a special needs’ clinic. We are so proud of her moving to a big city on her own and starting a new chapter in her life. We are very proud of mom and dad for allowing her to be on her own.

Congratulations to these individuals making a difference.
Jesusa “Susie” Palacios

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