Threads of Healing Quilting Ministry

These lovely individuals bring joy and healing to families all over Texas! Many blessing to their wonderful gifts and talents and may God continue to bless this ministry!

Stair Picture: Front row L-R: Sandy Russell, Jackie Arens, Lan Henry, Juliet Connolly, Maria Reyes, Jerry Arthur, Rosemary Hardin, Mary Ellen Evans – Left side: of stairs & going up: Patrick Ross, Christine Rapacki, Karen Ross, Aleswa Varghese, Sara Pena – Center of stairs: Gail Harp, Delia Coy, Jan Umphrey, Yolanda De Leon, Gracie Garcia – Right side: Margaret Palacios, Mary Flores, Rose Chavez, Debbie Jackson, Delia Medina, Linda Tollett, Jan Connolly – Upper Right Picture – Mary Ellen Evans, Christine Rapacki, Margaret Palacios, Rose Chavez – Lower Left Picture – Delia Medina & Jackie Arens – Lower Right – Jan Connolly, Karen Ross, Delia Medina

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