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District Advancement Champion to rely on!

Discover the support you deserve from the District Advancement Champions at Region 4. As your partner of choice, we offer comprehensive services tailored to help you recruit talent, develop their skills, build a rich and results-driven culture, and advance your organization’s success.

Our Centers for Strategic District Support; Excellence in Teaching and Learning; and Educator Development, Transformation, and Organizational Culture will empower you and your teams to achieve excellence. Learn about our new Centers here.

Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning champions educators in transforming the learning environment, removing barriers to learning, and improving the quality of teaching and learning experiences. 

Special Education

Summer Sessions

Stay up-to-date on the latest knowledge and classroom strategies in autism, deaf education, speech-language pathology, student evaluation, and visual impairment to support students with special needs.

Dyslexia—Reading by Design®

Professional Learning Summer Calendar

Region 4’s systematic, explicit, and intensive reading intervention program is aligned with research-based practices for developing literacy. This popular program follows a cumulative design for remediation of reading and writing skills at all grade levels.

Section 504: Summer Institute

June 6, 2024

Leading experts will provide a comprehensive 504 overview, present recent case law, emphasize compliance, and share real-world experiences to bridge the gap between academia and practical application.

Inclusive Practices Conference

June 11–12, 2024

Imagine a classroom where every student feels seen, heard, and supported. This vision is closer than you think—join us at the Inclusive Practices Conference and make it a reality!

Special Education Instructional Conference

June 13, 2024

Students with significant disabilities have complex needs that require a whole-child approach when designing instruction. Explore classroom strategies to help your students with diverse learning needs thrive.

2024 Region 4 STEM Conference

June 13, 2024

STEM education goes beyond textbooks and lectures. It’s about sparking curiosity and creativity in every student! Connect with STEM experts, participate in hands-on workshops, and interact with STEM vendors.

Career and Technical Education Innovators Summit

June 20, 2024

Explore visionary strategies to reinvent CTE education and empower students for the workforce of the future. Leaders from UpSkill Houston and industry experts will share the skillsets that are in high demand.

Instructional Coaching Conference

June 20, 2024

Elevate your coaching game! Unlock the keys to effective coaching at the Instructional Coaching Conference. This virtual conference is your gateway to expanding your coaching repertoire and empowering educators to reach new heights of success.

Master Scheduling for Student Success

June 3, 2024

Discover the secrets to crafting an effective master scheduling system that empowers success across your entire school community. Join us in person on June 3 or online at your own pace.

Student Assessment and Campus Testing

Summer Sessions

Join us this summer for a series of workshops on state assessment led by experienced specialists! Gain the knowledge and skills to navigate assessment and state testing to inform teaching decisions and improve instructional support.

Signing Exact English (SEE) Skill Shop

June 25–28, 2024

Whether you’re just starting your signing journey or are already an advanced user of Signing Exact English, this workshop will propel your skills to new heights.

Early Childhood Special Education Inclusion Conference

July 16–17, 2024

This multi-day conference provides a comprehensive learning experience for educators who teach young children with disabilities, equipping them with the knowledge and tools to address each child’s unique learning needs.

Aligned! 2024: From Child Find to IEP Implementation

July 29–30, 2024

Join educators from across the state at this 1-day virtual event and gain information on Child Find, evaluation, and ARD support topics to support student success.

Navigating Paths to Stability: Regional Collaborative Summit on McKinney-Vento Support

August 22, 2024

Receive specialized training on the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act. Educators, social workers, and professionals from across Texas will exchange best practices to ensure educational equity for students.

Lead4Ward: Accountability 4 Leaders

August 27, 2024

A–F Accountability is in a state of ongoing evolution. Region 4 and lead4ward are joining forces to deepen your understanding of the A–F system for greater impact.

Bilingual/ESL Conference

December 12, 2024

Deepen your expertise in supporting emergent bilingual students. Explore evidence-based strategies and culturally sustaining practices to enhance student success across all domains.

View our current instructional resources by subject area at region4store.com.

For more information or to set up customized professional development, contact us today.

Technology Services

Blended Learning Mini-Conference

June 12, 2024

Join us for a half-day, immersive experience focused on the pillars of blended learning featuring breakfast, roundtables, networking, and giveaways. Dr. Catlin Tucker, bestselling author and blended learning expert, will keynote this event.

Instructional Technology Leadership Academy

October 16, 2024

Teachers, instructional technologists, and library media specialists—get ready to discuss Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its impact on the classroom and at the district level! If you would like to share a tool that’s been a game changer for you, apply to be a presenter today! Apply here.

Center for Educator Development, Transformation, and Organizational Culture

This Center serves to certify, train, and develop aspiring, new, and experienced teachers, counselors, and principals.

Advancing Educational Leadership

June and July Sessions Available

This training is required for those who wish to appraise teachers under the implementation of the new Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System (T-TESS).

T-TESS: Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System

June and July Sessions Available

Completion of this 3-day online training course is one of the required steps to becoming a certified appraiser.

T-PESS: Texas Principal Evaluation and Support System 

July 23, 2024

This 1-day virtual Zoom session is for staff from districts and charters who will be using the T-PESS model to evaluate and support principals.

Teacher Job Fair

June 11, 2024

Are you looking for a change? Stop by the Teacher Job Fair. Texas school districts, charter schools, and private schools will be there to recruit candidates for all teaching positions and levels.

Assistant Principal Conference

July 18, 2024

Embark on a transformative journey in this hybrid event, where growth knows no bounds! Whether you prefer the camaraderie of in-person connections or the flexibility of virtual attendance, we’ve got you covered.

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